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, there is no fee. >> texas governor rick perry is the latest to reject the affordable care act. they want to stall or stop carrying out the requirements all together, calling it socialized medicine this will bankrupt his state. >> the bottom line is that medicaid is a failed program. to expand this program is not unlike adding 1,000 people to the titanic. >> there is a bottom line question. what does it mean to people who live in states like texas. msnbc's richard louie. >> more than half of the country's states who wanted to stop the affordable care act. even though the land's highest court upheld the law, in addition to the six governor, the brock o brookings institutions said they are refusing to execute the law. governor perry's refusal means 1.4 million people will not for now. on average, a person in this group i was showing you makes from around $3,000 a year up to just under $15,000. these are the poorest living on 26 to 133% of the poverty line and in addition rejecting medicaid, some are rejecting creating their own insurance exchanging, another of the law's requirements. these are desig
in houston, texas. we're going to keep our eye on those live pictures. he'll be offering rebuttal to romney's speech he made yesterday. despite rounds of applause throughout romney's speech, the crowd did boo after romney said he would repeal the president's health care reform law. romney reacted last night during a fundraiser in montana saying "remind them of this, if they want more stuff from government tell them to go vote for the other guy but don't forget nothing is free. it has to be paid for by people in the private sector creating goods and services." joining me now, we have two people on our panel. i want to start here with democratic strategist steve mcmahon. the president doesn't have any events these two days. i'd like to get to the reaction of thefr freeh statement. despite the president not having events for today and yesterday, he had some schedule conflicts. how will convention goers see this joe biden being there instead of the president? >> the convention goers fully understand that the obama administration is the best friend they ever had in washington. and joe biden is a
heads to texas today where we can expect to hear more. rit romney campaigns in the battleground state of pennsylvania. joining me, associated press national political reporter casey hunt and "washington post" editorial writer and msnbc contributor, jonathan capar. good morning. >> good morning, chris. >> jonathan, the headline -- a headline in your paper today has written this, mitt romney's unsolvable bain problem. there is no solution? >> there's a solution in that governor romney could sit down and talk forthrightly about, you know, what he was doing at bain between 1999 and 2002 and not just say that he took a leave of absence or left completely in february 1999 to run the olympics. >> you have to play devil's advocate. the guy who said he took over bain said he was completely immersed in the owe limb pio li picks. olympics. what answquestions need to be answered? >> there are signatures on forms at the security and exchange commission, a federal agency with mitt romney's signatures on them. i think the governor has to explain how it was possible that he was off running the olympi
to be personal nasty ways. >> hang on right now. want to bring in texas republican senator kay bailey hutchison. good to you have on the program again. >> thank you. >> you've seen a few campaigns in your day. there have been a few articles written just today about the escalation of this war of words on both sides. do you think there's a risk for both mitt romney and barack obama? >> i do think that there is a risk. the american people are tuning out all this riff raf that's going on in the campaigns right now. they want to know what is the future? what is mitt romney going to do that's going to change barack obama's disastrous economic policies? and mitt romney is trying to get the word out and he keeps getting hit with things that really are not relevant to middle income americans. they want relief. >> as you know, senator, on the democratic side he has made his success at bain essentially papart of his resume. i'm someone unlike the president who has been in the real world and has had success. and so are these questions about bain fair game? >> you know, i think the emphasis and this media f
off the coast of galveston, texas, over the weekend with a little help from his dad. he got it on shore. after posing for a few pictures, the family decided to release the shark back to the water. >>> close call for a tight rope walker in china. the acrobat was walking backwards on a line that reached a height of 667 feet at its highest point. his eyes covered. he slips and falls. fortunately, he was near the end of the walk so he didn't fall all that way. he said he was feeling faint and slipped because of the wind. i think walking that high would make me feel fantd, too. >>> nothing says i love you like the annual wife carrying world championships in finland. throw the ladies over your shoulders, guy. go through the obstacle course. about three football fields long. fourth year in a row, the winner was from finland. that wraps up this hour . >> reverse tandem move with the wife seems to be more popular. >>> coming up this next hour. president obama draws battle lines over the bush tax cuts. he'll ask congress to extend them for people making less than $250,000 a year. he s
, texas. >>> also making news, residents in north columbus, ohio, are under evacuation. look at these pictures. a train with several tankers derailed overnight. hazmat crews have been on the scene. flames could be seen more than ten miles away. fire officials report just two injuries. >>> troubles in the skies overnight. passengers say they thought they were going to die when severe turbulence slammed an american airlines flight from aruba to miami. two flight attendants had to be taken to the hospital and several passengers were treated at the gate in miami. >>> meantime, five people were taken to the hospital after a rome-pou rome-bound usairways flight had to be diverted. they were feeling sick from an odor on the plane. usair replaced the crew and the flight resumed. >> and tourists narrowly escaped injury. high winds kicked up suddenly forcing the pilot to make the rough but successful landing. the balloon bounced around a few times and was dragged about a quarter of a mile. everybody made it off safely. >>> joe paternoo family says the former penn state football coach n
experience. >> i want to bring in nbc latino contributor and fellow at the university of texas victoria soto and former newt gingrich spokesman rick tiler. good morning to both of you. >> goo todd morning. >> mitt romney didn't say anything in this interview and to be fair they didn't ask about the timing of when he was at baines. "the new york times" headline reads, and this is really where a lot of us are getting caught in this, in tracing romney's role at bain, a convoluted time line. is that part of the problem, victoria, for mitt romney? maybe there is no straightforward answer? >> what's so interesting to me is this partisan role reversal we've seen where it's the democrats on the attack and the republicans not really know wag to do. this is a page out of the rove playbook. you attack your opponent on what they think is their strongest suit. they're coming after them, much like we saw with john kerry in 2004 in going after his military service. the question here is what is the romney campaign going to do? do they answer? do they keep hoping it goes away? we're seeing that he wants it t
... bloomington, california... austin, texas... we are all here to represent the country we love this is for everyone back home it's go time. across america, we're all committed to team usa. >> to politics where president obama wants to put away the latino vote. the obama campaign spent $2 million on spanish language ads since april on top of the super pac's $4 million. compare that to $110,000 that the romney campaign spent so far. this starts the romney family's annual vacation dubbed the romney olympics. all five son, their wives and children will join ann and mitt will join them for a week long get away. the week wraps up with a set of competitive games like running, biking and swimming, hence the name, the romney olympics. big time supporter chris christie seems to be telling it like it is as a competitive sport of his own. listen to what he said to a reporter this weekend who wanted to ask a question about something besides what he wanted to talk about. >> did i stay on topic. are you stupid? on topic. next question. good. thank you. i'm sorry for the idiot over there. take
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have a list of all the states that are at various stages of stricter voter i.d. laws. the texas law is in a federal court now. south carolina has been blocked by the justice department. do you think it's going to be easier for states to do exactly what florida did and then sort of make this their way of getting around some of these challenges? >> well, we are worried about a snowball effect. at the end of the day we have to put this in context. all of these states that have taken up these laws that are going to make it harder to register and harder to vote are states that are really doing this for partisan gain, and at the end of the day we should have a country that makes it easier to vote, easier to register so that we get more turnout and more participation, but these states are really stacking the deck so that they can win, that the republican party really has been engaged in this kind of process for decades, and now we're seeing it coming and it's coming with a vengeance, and americans really should be vigilant about our right to vote. >> judith browne dianis, good to see you.
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in denver and then flown back to texas for a family memorial. nbc's own mike taibbi is in centennial, colorado, and he was inside that courtroom. mike, when are we going to know the type of defense and the charges that are coming ahead for holmes? >> reporter: hi, thomas, how are you? we're not likely to hear that until the arraignment itself, unless one of the defense attorneys from the public defender's office gives a hint. at the arraignment, he has to offer a plea, and the only choices are guilt, not guilt, or ngi, as lawyers call it, not guilt by reason of insanity. and we'll get a sense of that and learn whether this suspect, this defendant is cooperating with attorneys. he didn't speak to the police since his arrest. he's been in solitary confinement. if they feel he's not able to assist in his own defense or understand the charges against him, they can, of course, call for a psychiatric examination. and generally the state hospital in pueblo, the state can have its psychiatrist examine him to see if that's, in fact, the case. and after the arraignment, the plea would be enter
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)